Who Can Install Mezzanine Flooring – A Company or DIY?

Mezzanine flooring is a big buzzword in construction right now because of the benefits it offers. By leveraging what would otherwise be dead vertical zones, mezzanines optimise the use of storage and work space in warehouses, factories and other industrial buildings, as well as in commercial units and even residential properties. And as you probably know by now, these intermediate … Read More

5 Benefits Of Mezzanine Flooring

It’s the next big (medium-sized) thing in industrial architecture, and it brings an array of benefits. We’re talking about mezzanine flooring – the immediate, intermediate answer to storage issues in warehouses, factories and other buildings. Here, we’ll highlight the key advantages of mezzanine floors to help you gauge whether you could (and should) integrate one or more into your storage … Read More

What is the Purpose of Mezzanine Flooring?

Mezzanine flooring does so much more than look trendy (you may have noticed it in coffee shops, offices and other places that have done some recent remodelling). While the architectural fashionistas have seized upon mezzanines as the next big thing in industrial chic, the intermediate floors are highly functional – and a worthwhile addition to your warehouse, factory or other … Read More

What is Efficient Warehouse Racking?

When it comes to running a warehouse, any manager knows that efficiency is the key word. This applies not only to work operations and the moving of stock in and out of the warehouse, but to the shelving and racking systems too – the way they are set up, and the way they are used. We have looked at the … Read More

10 Top Warehouse Space Planning Tips

A warehouse is sometimes referred to as a giant “box”, but it is so much more than a large storage area – it is the busy centre of operations for many commercial and industrial enterprises. Effective warehouse space planning is key to ensuring a smooth workflow, as well as saving on costs and boosting productivity. Here are ten top tips … Read More

How Mezzanine Flooring Storage Solutions Can Optimise Warehouse Space

Space is always an issue in warehouses. Somehow we never seem to have enough of it and are forever on the hunt for creative solutions. While increasing or adjusting shelving and racking systems probably springs to mind as the first option for increasing space, there is another potential answer – mezzanine flooring. In this article, we explain how mezzanine flooring … Read More