Maximize Industrial Space and Improve Efficiency

Maximise Industrial Space and Improve Efficiency   For the most part industrial space can be seen as straightforward typically, either in a square or rectangular shape. It provides plenty space on a square foot or cubic basis. While it may be less expensive than renting out office space, it is still important to maximise your utilisation. Therefore maximising your industrial … Read More

4 Advantages of using Gondola shelving

4 Advantages of using Gondola Shelving. For many years now, gondola shelving has been quite popular when it comes to grocery stores, malls, convenience stores as well as retailers. Gondola shelving is frequently used by businesses looking to maximise storage within a restricted amount of space. These days’ homeowners have taken advantage of gondola shelving and have started using them … Read More


A Gondola is a freestanding fixture used by retailers to display merchandise.  Gondolas typically consist of a flat base and a vertical component featuring notches, pegboards, or slat walls. The vertical piece can be fitted with shelves, hooks, or other displays. Gondola shelving is excellently suited for businesses, especially for store owners; these type of systems give retailers a good shelf to display their … Read More


When it comes to organizing space whether in your garage or a warehouse, it is important to have a racking system in place. There are plenty of benefits of installing a proper racking system in your warehouse.   To begin, if you employ the right shelving system, this will create extra space for your warehouse and if you are able … Read More

How to Keep a Warehouse Organised in a Busy Schedule

A warehouse is the bustling hub of many commercial and industrial operations. Accordingly, it needs to be well organised and efficiently run. A poorly organised warehouse can cause workers to lose time looking for and retrieving inventory; it can be dangerous as it increases the risk of accidents; and it can negatively impact productivity. How can project managers, who already … Read More

The Importance of a Warehouse Racking Inspection Checklist

Racking systems are the skeleton of any warehouse, keeping the space organised and workflow smooth. It is essential to keep racking in good condition and ensure that it is utilised correctly and effectively. To this end, regular visual inspections are required – and they need to be done using a warehouse racking inspection checklist. Too many warehouse managers and staff … Read More

How to Arrange Warehouse Shelves for Optimum Productivity

A warehouse is a hub of business operations, with hundreds or even thousands of items of stock coming in and going out throughout the day. It is imperative that workflow is kept smooth and efficient. You can’t afford to waste time sifting through piles of boxes for orders – items need to be easily retrievable from where they are stored … Read More

Do It Yourself vs Professional Installation of Racking and Shelving

When it comes to the installation of racking and shelving, a question often tussled with is whether to do it yourself or to have it done professionally. There are pros and cons to both approaches, but, as I have found and argue here, the latter is preferable in many respects. Which is the better choice depends primarily on the extent … Read More

How Difficult is Relocation of Racking and Shelving?

If your operations have expanded beyond the capacity of your current warehouse setup, it may be necessary to rearrange the shelving and racking systems to maximise space, or even to move to new premises entirely. Any kind of move is stressful and time-consuming – as we all know, it can be a bit of a headache. But moving the contents … Read More

The Importance of Planning for Shelving and Racking Requirements

The installation of shelving and racking in a warehouse can be a time-consuming, costly process if it is not planned adequately. Your shelving and racking requirements need to be carefully and comprehensively assessed – improperly thought-out decisions can have negative effects on workflow and productivity, with knock-on financial consequences. In this article, we discuss the importance of planning for shelving … Read More