Advantages of using bolt-on shelving systems to increase office space

Sufficient working space in and around the office is one of the leading factors in staff productivity. Enough space in and around the office allows staff to think clearer and do more. Cluttered spaces or desks tempers a lot with productivity, creativity and growth. In addition to this it also causes stress inherently because you don’t even know how to … Read More

Gondola shelving, what it is and its advantages.

Many different types of shelving are used in residential, commercial and industrial contexts. None has quite as unique a name as gondola shelving – or as unusual an appearance. To get a clear idea of what gondola shelving is, you need do nothing more than picture the interior of your local supermarket. Gondola shelving is what your groceries are stacked … Read More

How to avoid these 5 common pallet racking mistakes

Pallet racking is considered to be the most efficient and effective storage solution for warehouses. When optimized it can it can increase storage space and enhance warehouse productivity. Pallet racks are carefully designed to fulfil and meet the specific requirements of their specific applications. However, it is not always a smooth sailing process and there are mistakes that are associated … Read More

How to choose your industrial warehouse racking

Many warehouses and distribution centers are covered in racking. Racking in its simplest form refers to a stationary type of storage for boxes, pallets or other parts and products in a warehouse. Before anything else, it is important to first consider the amount of space your warehouse has and whether racking is really needed for your warehouse. This is an … Read More

Quick and easy residential garage declutter tips

Anyone with a residential garage knows that storage is key when it comes to owning a garage. Apart from storing or parking motor vehicles in a garage it can also be used to store many other extras in and around the house or yard. Gardening tools, boxes of unused books or home utensils, extra furniture, car maintenance tools and products, … Read More

The loading capacity of mezzanine flooring

Mezzanine flooring is often used in warehouses because of the many benefits it has. Mezzanine flooring is typically lightweight for their size which makes them compact and sturdy at the same time. However, it is very important to know what the loading capacity of the mezzanine flooring is, and it will be sufficient for the loads that your stock requires. … Read More

The various parts that make up a mezzanine floor

A lot has been written about mezzanine flooring and about its benefits, advantages and various applications. It can therefore be concluded that mezzanine flooring is really the way to go when in need of more space, storage space particularly. It is not much of a hassle to install; it can be done quite easily and quickly. It saves one from … Read More

5 Unfavorable pallet racking safety risks

The role that racking systems play in warehouses can be as critical as that of the employees working at the warehouse. With time, after installation very little to no attention at all is given to these racking systems in warehouses. This neglect, causing occupational health and safety risks as well as costly property damages which include but not exclusive to: … Read More

Advantages of using steel for your shelving and racking storage systems

If you own or manage a warehouse, at some point you must have to contemplate using steel shelving or racking systems to maximise space. But this is not all that steels shelving has to offer. There are some other advantages associated with steel shelving that you must be aware of before you choose an alternative. If you take a look … Read More

The advantages of installing mezzanine flooring

Mezzanine flooring does so much more than look trendy (you may have noticed it in coffee shops, offices and other places that have done some recent remodeling). While the architectural fashionistas have seized upon mezzanines as the next big thing in industrial chic, the intermediate floors are highly functional – and a worthwhile addition to your warehouse, factory or other … Read More