New Racking & Shelving


Our objective is to grow our clients’ revenue through increasing warehouse and inventory space utilization.
Whether you are looking to expand or extend and buy new heavy duty racking, or need to save money by investing in used pallet racking, there are never-ending possibilities on both new and used fronts.
By installing a new racking system, it will give your warehouse a fresh, clean and more professional look.
Let us help you with Visualizing, implementing and prevailing your material handling needs.

Should you also require NEW Shelving units for your Office, Archives and Garage please feel free to contact us for a Quotation.

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Prefer New Shelving or Racking?

While second-hand shelving can offer a high quality solution with a substantial saving in costs, we understand that some companies or home-owners prefer to have brand new shelving solutions installed, especially if it is a brand new office space, or a recently decorated home-office. We can recommend the best possible home or corporate office shelving system to accommodate your unique preferences.
Second-hand shelving is perfectly suited to home garages or small workshops, however we understand that some home owners prefer to have a fresher finish. We ensure that you receive the best home storage solution to accommodate your personal preferences.
When it comes to heavy duty racking and shelving it is imperative that you consult with a professional shelving company to assist you in your storage planning. Second-hand shelving provides an affordable solution for large volume racking requirements. Should you prefer new racking in your factory or warehouse, our shelving experts can assists in supplying the most durable, high-quality shelves.
Previously used pallet racks can be just as durable as new shelving, however it is far cheaper. However should you prefer new pallet racking, we are able to supply these to you at the most affordable prices from reputable shelving companies in South Africa, while ensuring that you receive the most suitable solution for your unique requirements.

Interested in selling your second-hand shelving, used industrial shelves or second-hand racking?

We buy, refurbish and sell previously used shelving, factory and warehouse racks.