How to choose your industrial warehouse racking

Many warehouses and distribution centers are covered in racking. Racking in its simplest form refers to a stationary type of storage for boxes, pallets or other parts and products in a warehouse. Before anything else, it is important to first consider the amount of space your warehouse has and whether racking is really needed for your warehouse. This is an important consideration that has to be made as racking could either increase space in your warehouse or inhibit your warehouse space. The racking system of your warehouse will determine the ultimate structure for your operations. When deciding on warehouse racking, you need to choose wisely according to your space and you also need to choose racking that will stand the test of loads. For warehouses with a lot of items where a clear space is required for smooth operations to take place, a racking system may be the most feasible and effective option. Next is deciding on the style or combination of styles and size of the racking system. There are a number of styles to choose from, but this decision has to be based on the space of your warehouse. Exploring the various styles is a great first step in customizing your warehouse which will in turn optimize your industrial operations. Some important factors to be considered before making the decision to install racking systems:
  • What items will be store in the warehouse?
  • Will you be storing on pallets?
  • What are the product flow requirements?
  • What is the current available storage space including elevation?
  • What is your warehouse layout?
  • Will vehicles such as forklifts be used inside the warehouse?
  • Which type of environment will storage be taking place in (humid, freezer)?
  • Available budget?
  • Safety, will your warehouse still be safe upon installing the racking system?
The above factors serve as a guide as to which type of racking system you will need to install for your specific warehousing storage. If you can answer all of these questions you are already one step into installing the right racking system for your warehouse. For advice on which is the best industrial warehouse racking for your storage do not hesitate to get in contact with us +27 11 864 1129  

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