Quick and easy residential garage declutter tips

Anyone with a residential garage knows that storage is key when it comes to owning a garage. Apart from storing or parking motor vehicles in a garage it can also be used to store many other extras in and around the house or yard. Gardening tools, boxes of unused books or home utensils, extra furniture, car maintenance tools and products, kids’ toys, and outdoor activities necessities such as camp chairs and braai stands are just a few of the things that people normally store in their residential garages. Storing these things in your garage could cause serious clutter, and take up a lot of space in your garage. Your car often suffers from this, some of these items could scratch your car and even cause dents in your car should they fall down from being incorrectly tied to the garage ceiling. This clutter also makes it difficult to find things when you need and let’s not even mention the limitation of space for walking inside your garage. This limitation of space in some cases could also result in accidents such as stepping on items on the floor and then slipping and falling. With the following tips you can be free from residential garage clutter, locate your things easily and protect your motor vehicles.
  1. Containers and boxes- one of the easiest ways to store your extras is by placing them in boxes and labelling them accordingly. Store the same group of things in the same boxes or containers. This makes it very easy for you to locate them when stored in your garage.
  2. Add racking- This works particularly for gardening and yard tools and equipment such as rakes, spades, grass cutters and brooms. Installing racks for such equipment is a very good investment, it saves time and maximises safety inside your garage as it keeps things out of the way. It also means that you will no longer have to worry about anything falling onto your car.
  3. Go vertical- When using bare walls always use them from top to bottom.
  4. Add shelving to the vertical walls- Shelving assists a great deal in that you do not have to leave boxes and other smaller items standing on the floor. You can place these boxes and items on the shelves where they are easily reachable. The shelving can also be extended to the ceiling and have some items placed on the ceiling shelves.
The tips are a good way to ensure that your residential garage is also neat, tidy and safe at all times. After all your car needs all the protection it can get from any outdoor harm and this is exactly the purpose that the garage serves. For residential garage racking and shelving systems and installations the Shelving and Racking company is more than able to assist. All you need to do is contact us via telephone or email: +27 11 864 1129 marketing1@sscomp.co.za  

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