The various parts that make up a mezzanine floor

A lot has been written about mezzanine flooring and about its benefits, advantages and various applications. It can therefore be concluded that mezzanine flooring is really the way to go when in need of more space, storage space particularly. It is not much of a hassle to install; it can be done quite easily and quickly. It saves one from a lot of things such as having to physically build more space by extending as well as having to find alternative space elsewhere which take a lot of time and costing huge amounts of money. However, it is very important to know what exactly mezzanine flooring is first and foremost before even making that very important purchase decision. Mezzanine flooring consists of certain components that form its actual structure. Each of the specific components play an important role in holding the complete mezzanine structure together so that it can hold its various loads.  Below we name and explain each unique component of mezzanines:
  1. Base plates- These are mostly raw bolted to a concrete base in order to secure a strong foundation.
  2. Columns- These are steel supports which are connected to the mezzanine baseplates. When designing, leaving enough space between the columns allow for accessibility under the platform.
  3. Main beams- Creates the span across the platform, the size of these joists is calculated as per the loading requirements. In addition, all structural calculations are unique to each project and design.
  4. Secondary beams- Fitted in order to reinforce the main joints to prevent twists or movement.
  5. Decking- The mezzanine decking consists of either moisture resistant particle board or steel grating for stronger installations.
  6. Staircase- The staircase provides adequate safety for those who use the platform levels.
  7. Safety handrail- Protection from falling is the supreme to the safety of mezzanine flooring. The primary purpose of the handrail is to provide stability to the persons climbing the stairs. These rails can be custom made to your specific desired design as there are a myriad of options available.
  8. Other accessories- Some of these accessories include pallet gates and can be fitted as required.
To those that are looking to have mezzanines installed, it is very important to know these parts. Should the structure start giving problems or start changing form it will give you the advantage of knowing exactly which part is not functioning when calling your service provider for assistance. As mentioned above, it is very important to know what exactly a mezzanine is before purchasing it and having it installed. For advice on various parts that make up a mezzanine floor you can get into contact with the Shelving and Racking CompanyTel: +27 11 864 1129 Email:  

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