5 Unfavorable pallet racking safety risks

The role that racking systems play in warehouses can be as critical as that of the employees working at the warehouse. With time, after installation very little to no attention at all is given to these racking systems in warehouses. This neglect, causing occupational health and safety risks as well as costly property damages which include but not exclusive to: Physical damage to the physical racks This is often caused by forklift collisions. This can be avoided by clearing out warehouse aisles granting enough space for forklifts loads to load and offload stock. It is also very important to ensure that load weight limits are not exceeded on individual beams and actual frames. Incorrectly aligned racks safety hazard The result of incorrectly aligned racks often causes the entire system to collapse. Racks also become misaligned after the many years of wear and tear on them. During the inspection it is crucial to check and to make sure that racks are properly aligned. Loose floor fittings The fittings on the on the floor can loosen at any time posing a huge risk. In the occupational health and safety act it is therefore clearly stated that rack columns should be anchored to the bottom to the floor with column base plates secured with anchor bolts. Forklift trucks appropriate Equipment used for equipment handling and pallet jacks should be correctly sized in order to meet your needs. Weight of stored goods vs racking system capacity In order to avoid dangerously overloaded racks, it is advised to post the maximum permitted unit load, average unit load and the maximum total load per bay. These safety hazards should always be taken into consideration as overloaded racks could cause serious injuries for those who are on duty in warehouses. Warehouse managers should therefore make sure that they have a detailed maintenance and inspection program in place. It is also very important for warehouse managers to ensure that their warehouse racking systems comply fully with the occupational health and safety act. For advice on how to address pallet racking safety risks you can get into contact with the Shelving and Racking Company. Tel: +27 11 864 1129 Email: marketing1@sscomp.co.za  

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