The advantages of installing mezzanine flooring

Mezzanine flooring does so much more than look trendy (you may have noticed it in coffee shops, offices and other places that have done some recent remodeling). While the architectural fashionistas have seized upon mezzanines as the next big
thing in industrial chic, the intermediate floors are highly functional – and a worthwhile addition to your warehouse, factory or other work property. Let’s delve into the purpose of mezzanines to see how they can benefit business owners.

The primary aim of a mezzanine floor is to increase available storage space. As we all know, this is an ongoing issue, particularly for warehouse owners. There just doesn’t seem to be enough storage space, no matter what they do.
But building on to the premises or moving to somewhere bigger is time-consuming, costly and involves quite a lot of paperwork. Mezzanines offer a way to get around this, providing extra room for storage at a fraction of the cost – and in a much
quicker and simpler manner.

Being temporary structures, mezzanines do not usually require planning permission, and can be put up, modified and taken down as needed. They can be moved with you to new premises in the event that you do relocate, one day, and can also be
sold for second-hand use. This makes them a cost-effective, flexible means of meeting your storage needs. Many businesses experience seasonal spikes in stock flow, and it is at times like these that mezzanine floors prove to be a perfect answer.
By opening up unused vertical space, mezzanines are able to provide the extra floor space needed without stock having to be housed in temporary structures outside, or stacked up high on the ground floor, causing a workplace hazard.

Mezzanines can be built around racking for optimal use of space. They can also have shelving and storage containers placed on their surface to further boost their storage capacity. Essentially, it’s like having an additional floor at your disposal –
and almost as strong. Mezzanines are designed with large weight loads in mind to ensure safe, reliable storage capability at all times. Of course, a mezzanine does not have to serve only a storage function. In many instances, they
are used as office space, offering a prime view over the work operations happening on the ground floor. In other cases, they are designed as break zones, where workers can go to sit on a couch and have a cup of tea. Mezzanines have also been known to support work activities, such as the packing of goods.

They can be used in a number of other ways too – it’s really up to you. Regardless of the function, worker safety is ensured by the inclusion of handrails and training in the correct use of the mezzanine. For more information about mezzanine floors, including the type available, costs, and details about installation, contact one of our consultants today. We are industry leaders when it comes to all things mezzanine in South Africa.

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