Is Shelving an Asset to Your Company?

is shelving an asset to your companyAll companies need an effective solution to meet their storage needs, but it can be difficult to determine what type of solution is the best fit. There are many different options out there – from racking to shelving and mezzanine floors. Of course, all of these structures cost money, and you may be wondering whether they are a worthwhile investment. In this post, we explore whether shelving in particular is an asset to your company.

The answer to this question is a definite yes. Shelving is an excellent choice as a storage system on its own, or as a component of a multi-faceted system that includes racking. Shelving offers four major benefits to companies, which we will look at in detail.

Saves on floor space

In this fast-paced, increasingly pricey world, storage space is at a premium. Businesses are looking for ways to open up more space without having to expand their premises. Shelving is one way they can do this, as it extends vertically, turning what would otherwise be dead air space into a productive storage area. It also saves on floor space, an area of offices or warehouses that is often compromised.

Sound financial investment

Shelving involves an initial financial outlay, but it is money well spent. Your Rands will not go down the drain;shelving can be sold later to recover some of the costs. Refurbished shelving is big business in South Africa, with many customers opting for second-hand over new. As a result, you are likely to be able to sell your shelving when you no longer have a use for it (as long as it is in good condition), or need to upgrade to other kinds of storage systems. This is particularly true of steel shelving, which is very durable. Recycling shelving like this is environmentally friendly as it saves resources and reduces waste.

Improves efficiency

Shelving helps to organise a workspace, ensuring smooth workflow. Employees are able to retrieve stock items easily and quickly, so there is no time wasted sifting through piles of goods. You can’t expect to function efficiently as a company if your stock is stacked on the floor. You can’t expect to function safely, either. Employees may suffer injuries from poorly stored goods, and there may be damage to products. Shelving helps make the workplace safer in the level of organisation it provides.


Shelving is built to last and is flexible enough to be moved and adjusted as needed. Steel shelving is generally coated so as not to corrode, and is extremely tough. It can easily be taken with you if you move to new premises and need to set up there. The distance between shelves in a unit is often adjustable, and units can be accessorised and reinforced to better meet your storage needs.

Overall, shelving is an asset to your company. It takes care of your storage needs, has resell value, improves efficiency and workflow, and is flexible enough to be long lasting. For more information on what type of shelving would best suit your needs, contact a Supermarket Shelving Company representative today.


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