How Mezzanine Flooring Storage Solutions Can Optimise Warehouse Space

how mezzanine flooring storage solutions can optimise warehouse spaceSpace is always an issue in warehouses. Somehow we never seem to have enough of it and are forever on the hunt for creative solutions. While increasing or adjusting shelving and racking systems probably springs to mind as the first option for increasing space, there is another potential answer – mezzanine flooring. In this article, we explain how mezzanine flooring storage solutions can be used to optimise warehouse space – without costing your business a small fortune.

A mezzanine is an in-between, intermediate floor – a kind of extra level between the floor and the ceiling. It is sometimes referred to as an entresol, which is French, and is a bit like a balcony – only indoors. In warehouses mezzanines tend to be raised platforms supported by columns, or even racking. They may be rigged with or without railings around the edges, depending on your needs. Access is typically by way of a staircase.

Mezzanines are a great way to use what would otherwise be dead air space – they effectively give you an extra floor to work with and free up the space below too. They can be used in countless ways; for example, they can be used as a packing area, a storage area for extra stock, a rest area, or even office space – giving you a bird’s-eye view of the warehouse operations below. You can also put extra shelving, storage bins and other equipment on the mezzanine, creating a space within the space. Where racking, instead of columns, is used to support the mezzanine, the space below is transformed into a highly efficient storage facility.

Without a doubt, mezzanine flooring storage solutions really maximise your use of space and promote efficiency in the workplace. They can save you expanding to a whole new warehouse, or making major alterations to your warehouse – saving you time and money. They are very quick and easy to set up – and can be temporary, made from wood, steel or other materials. Because mezzanines are not seen as permanent structures, you generally do not need to get planning approval from the local authorities prior to erecting them. Mezzanine flooring is not only easy to assemble – it is easy to take down too. This is advantageous in that you are not locked into a long-term arrangement – unless you want to be.

A criticism is sometimes made that mezzanines reduce the overall flexibility of a warehouse – but this is not necessarily the case. As seen above, a mezzanine can open up a variety of extra storage options in a warehouse and can be used as needed – for example, during peak sales periods where there is a lot of extra stock in the warehouse.

They may sound rather exotic or extravanagant, but mezzanines are actually very affordable – often a lot more affordable than people expect, and they serve as good investments. Many warehouse managers are not aware that installing a mezzanine may actually increase the value of the property – this knowledge may encourage them to give the green light to their inclusion. Mezzanine flooring storage solutions are a cost-effective, highly efficient way of optimising your warehouse space.


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