How to Improve Your Warehouse With Used Heavy Duty Shelving

how to improve your warehouse with used heavy duty shelvingWarehouses are busy hubs of comings and goings, with stock constantly moving from one section to another and being loaded and offloaded as it is shipped in and shipped out. As managers, we are always looking for ways to improve the flow of operations in our warehouses – ways to make things more efficient and smooth. There are many different ways to do this – for example, by utilising pallet racking systems or adding mezzanine flooring solutions. However, in this article we will be focusing on the benefits that shelving can bring – specifically, heavy duty shelving.

Shelving, like racking systems, frees up floor space in a warehouse and maximises the use of vertical space, helping you to organise your workplace efficiently. There are three basic types of shelving – wire, steel and rivet. The latter, which has a solid steel frame and decking that may comprise a combination of materials, is classified as heavy duty – often capable of holding loads of almost 1000kg. This means that very heavy boxes can be stored, without needing to be concerned about the shelving buckling or bending. It is one of the toughest, most durable types of shelving out there and makes a great addition to a warehouse’s storage system.

A key question warehouse managers face when looking into buying shelving solutions is whether to go for something brand new, or to opt for used equipment. While new shelving may carry major aesthetic appeal as it is completely free of wear and tear, and while it comes with a warranty, it also tends to be expensive – and may not be readily available. It may need to be ordered – which can take time. Used shelving, on the other hand, may trigger concern in that it may be viewed as a bit unreliable. No warehouse manager wants to waste money on something that is going to break further down the line; that can have a negative impact on both time and finances.

However, used shelving can actually be a reliable, safe and worthwhile option. Used does not mean abused –  if you buy the shelving through a reputable company, it is guaranteed to be in good condition. Shelving is frequently bought and sold – used shelving is perhaps more ubiquitous than used cars. Before buying anything, the shelving company will carefully inspect the equipment for any damage or issues. Only shelving that is in a decent state will be taken on; and it will then be refurbished. So when you get the used shelving, it will be almost as good as new – and come with a warranty too. It is also the environmentally friendly choice – recycling the materials reduces the demand for the production of entirely new ones.

Rare or even non-existent is the warehouse that can function without shelving – but it doesn’t have to be a major financial outlay. Whether in small quantities as a bit of extra shelving, or in large orders to kit out a whole warehouse, used heavy duty shelving is an affordable, reliable way to bring additional organisation into your operations.


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