5 Benefits Of Mezzanine Flooring

5 Benefits Of Mezzanine FlooringIt’s the next big (medium-sized) thing in industrial architecture, and it brings an array of benefits. We’re talking about mezzanine flooring – the immediate, intermediate answer to storage issues in warehouses, factories and other buildings. Here, we’ll highlight the key advantages of mezzanine floors to help you gauge whether you could (and should) integrate one or more into your storage management plan.

  1. Mezzanine floors increase storage space

 And they increase it a lot. Effectively acting as an extra floor between the ground and ceiling, mezzanines open up new storage areas in what would otherwise be inaccessible vertical space. Not only do you get a platform on which you can stack stock items (as well as storage bins and shelves), you can also add racks underneath as part of the support structure – or even build the mezzanine around existing racking. The use of space is extremely efficient.

  1. They are easy to erect (and take down)

Mezzanine floors typically do not require prior planning approval, as they are not classified as permanent structures. This cuts out a large part of the red tape that tends to surround building alterations and extensions, making mezzanines relatively simple to put up. The actual construction process is also quick and easy, and can be done with minimal impact on your daily work operations, provided that a professional installation team is brought in. If you no longer need your mezzanine or wish to move it to new premises, the disassembly process is equally hassle-free.

  1. Mezzanine flooring is affordable

 One of the major selling points of mezzanine floors is their price-tag when compared with other methods of storage optimisation. They are an economical option that pay for themselves within a few years. Mezzanines are far cheaper than moving to a new building because of space issues, and much less stressful, too. They can also be sold if you no longer need them, to recoup some of the costs.

  1. They are sturdy and safe

 These floors are able to withstand much greater loads than people expect; they are tough and durable, as well as safe. The specific weight limit of a mezzanine is determined by the company manufacturing it, and communicated to its users. To minimise the risk of falls or other workplace accidents, safety features like non-slip mats and handrails can be added.

  1. They can be used in many ways 

The use of mezzanines is not restricted to storage space – you can get quite creative. Some companies rely on them for extra office space, enjoying the bird’s eye view that they offer over the workplace. Others use them as rest areas, where staff can go for a tea break. They are even used as showrooms in retail and other sectors. The possibilities are virtually endless. It is advisable to discuss your needs with a consultant before purchasing a mezzanine, so that they can advise on the best type of material and other details.

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