Shelving & Racking

About Us

SSC has been in the second hand shelving and racking industry for over 30 years and we are able to supply the biggest and the smallest companies with their shelving and racking requirements. Our experienced staff have gone through rigorous training to ensure that all work is done according to universally accepted health and safety standards. We are often called upon by large companies to install, repair and even relocate racking from one place to another. When we start a project we are involved from the beginning and this often includes drawing up of our own floor plans while seeing the project through to completion.

Why SSC Shelving and Racking

SSC takes pride in offering decades of quality services in new and second hand shelving and racking manufacturing industry. With over 30 years of industry know-how, our clients benefit from low-priced shelving & racking, convenient & faster delivery as well as service excellence in the greater Gauteng (Johannesburg & Pretoria) and South Africa at large.

Why choose us

Delivery within 5-7 working days

Most shelving companies will take between 4 to 6 weeks to deliver your office shelving. No other shelving company can surpass our fast turn-around time.

Save on your commercial shelving

By utilising previously used office shelving or racking for your commercial space, you benefit from a cost saving on shelving and racking solutions. For companies with large storage rooms or budget-conscious business owners, this is a substantial saving.

We know shelving like nobody’s business

With more than 30 years’ experience and thousands of successful installations, our highly trained and experienced workforce adhere to universally recognised health and safety standards when recommending, installing or repairing any shelving solution.

Exceptional service from start to finish

We don’t just supply shelves, we are entrenched in your commercial or home office shelving project from start to end. Our expert consultant’s will assist you from planning your storage space through to complete installation of your shelving and racking solutions.