Pallet Racking & Container Shelving Solutions

Durable metal racking uniquely designed for pallets holding goods of up to 3 Tons.

Most warehouses and factories require high volume storage solutions that offer robust support for heavy duty pallets. Industrial or retail companies with large storage requirements need to constantly optimise their available space. Having a long-term, compact storage solution is paramount in ensuring productivity.

Pallet Shelving specifications include:

  • Durable metal design withstands heavy weights of up to 3 tons per level / shelf
  • Quality metal racking design provides for easy loading and offloading of pallets for your forklifts
  • Floor planning advisers ensure optimal manoeuvrability to access your cargo
  • Ideally suited to bulk sale warehouses, factories, furniture retailers, motor vehicle manufacturing plants, and car part or car tyre fitters.

Whether you want a new or previously used system, you are assured of value and service excellence to support your business and store your goods as well as move your goods.

Prefer new racking?

Previously used pallet racks can be just as durable as new shelving, however it is far cheaper. However should you prefer new pallet racking, we are able to supply these to you at the most affordable prices from reputable shelving companies in South Africa, while ensuring that you receive the most suitable solution for your unique requirements.

Interested in selling your second-hand racking?

We buy, refurbish and sell previously used racks. Please contact us for more information.

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